Special Website for RECRUIT LIFESTYLE

Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

The main image created for the IT recruitment site of RECRUIT LIFESTYLE, which is also known as the host of “Jalan” and “Hot Pepper”. As the most iconic symbol of the virtual space - Internet, a server room was used as the background for visualizing a magical and neo-futuristic atmosphere.


  • Client:Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Production:NEW PEACE Inc.
  • Creative Director:Shinpei Takagi
  • Director, Editor:Futa Ogawa
  • Cinematographer:Kentaro Hanamura
  • Art Director, Designer:YOPPY
  • Engineer:Yu Furuya
  • Photographer:Kentaro Hanamura
  • URL:engineer.recruit-lifestyle.co.jp/recruiting

Xmas Gift Catalogue for SUIKIN

H.P.FRANCE Co., Ltd.

The Christmas gift catalogue shot for SUIKIN, one of the jewelry line of H.P.FRANCE. Under the wavering lights of a myriad of candles, the products and model are emerged from a fairytale-like and mystical Christmas scene.


  • Client : H.P.FRANCE Co., Ltd.
  • Art Director, Designer:Saki Ikeda
  • Photographer:Kentaro Hanamura
  • Styling:Mayu Koda(Hair), Masami Tsuchimura (Still Life)
  • Model:Waffa